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Voltage and Power for Razberi Rugged

Q: What is the Voltage and Power utilization on the Razberi Rugged appliance?

A: The Razberi Rugged appliance uses 52VDC Voltage. Measuring power or current can vary depending on the PoE devices that are plugged in to the appliance switch ports. A Rugged in a “wake” state where the Compute Node, OS running, and the switch is powered on, no CPU, Memory, or Disk load .4 amps or 20.8 watts are utilized. Razberi has benchmarked the appliance with 100% CPU load, 50% memory utilization, and 100% disk operations – 1.0 amps or 52 watts. Using standard PoE wattage loads from your devices you can add up you device or PoE loads to these base power figures to get your potential load or current draw.


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