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Lost connection to the camera feed

Q: I lost my camera feed after I installed an Axis T8705 Video Decoder on Razberi ServerSwitchIQ or EndPointDefender Switch.  CameraDefense Firewall is enabled and the Decoder looses connection to the camera feed it is programmed for?

A: The Axis T8705 connects directly to the associated camera or cameras that it will be decoding. This connection of the Decoder connects to the camera like a client. It makes network service requests from the camera and if these services are not listed in the CameraDefense Firewall are not listed the connection will either not connect or fail. Based on Razberi’s engineering review it is recommended that you add a service range in the Firewall. UDP 38000-53000 Port utilization could be lower than 38000 and higher than 53000, our testing fell within these ranges. You may need to adjust based on your experiences.


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