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Loss of camera feed in server and client

Q: I am using Avigilon Control Center and Avigilon cameras and when I enable the Firewall in Razberi CameraDefense on the switch I loose camera video feed in the Avigilon Server and Client.

A: When the Razberi CameraDefense Firewall in enabled the ports or services that are enabled and listed are the only ports and service the cameras or devices can use. All other ports and services are blocked. For Avigilon Server and Cameras, there are specific services that need to be enabled on the CameraDefense Firewall. Ensure these specific ports are enable to be used. Ping/ICMP Port 0 TCP: 80 (HTTP), 443(HTTPS), 554 (RTSP) UDP: 51000-54999 (RTP/RTCP Unicast) UDP: 38884 (NTP Server) (This is the ACC Server NTP clock)


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